The upgrade to layer two scaling solutions has been a long-awaited Uniswap event, and it was recently witnessed at the uniswap v3 launch of Optimistic Ethereum. This is significant because Optimistic Ethereum is a layer 2 scaling solution that is entirely based on the native network rather than on sidechains. Despite the fact that this is only an Alpha Launch, testing sessions will begin shortly.

Davis asserted that if Uniswap can significantly reduce costs, it will have a significant impact on network gas fees. It won’t be long before others follow in the footsteps of Uniswap, he predicts.

He also mentioned how large corporations and organisations are beginning to recognise Ethereum’s potential. For example, he mentioned how Goldman Sachs believes Ethereum has the potential to dominate the cryptocurrency space in the future. Sygnum, a Swiss bank, has provided Eth 2.0 stakes, possibly signalling the start of a series of similar operations. In addition, the recent approval of an Ethereum ETF in Brazil is a significant win for the network. To summarise, Ethereum has a bright future ahead of it, which we can all anticipate.

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