We CryptoApe, the Pioneer BEP20 Token Development Company develop the benchmark of BEP20 token development for the optimal users of the Binance Smart Chain for managing their Crypto Assets, coins, and Tokens. The BEP20 appears as a base token paving way for the development of Tokens for future use through its ability to offer compliance with Multiple other existing frameworks. So Launch your Binance Token Development Company with our BEP20 token development from the assistance of CryptoApe to excel in your business.
BEP20 Token Development

BEP20 Standard Token Development on Binance Smart Chain

In this Modern era, Token is used widely for financial transactions in various industries based on it is created aim. Token has some value for itself and most importantly the value of the token is not a fixed one, it varies based on the domain, the token is going to get used. The tokens are generated for various purposes like for personal, business, etc and there are various types of Tokens available in the market. Tokens are built by writing and deploying smart contracts in popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Binance Chain, Etc.

Binance Smart Chain:

As everyone well knows, Binance Smart Chain is to blockchains, likewise, Bitcoin is to cryptocurrencies. Even though Binance Smart Chain does not hold much fame like Bitcoin, it is still reasoned as the crypto world’s superhero. Binance exchange launched Binance Smart Chain (BSC) On September 1 2020, a new similar blockchain to Binance Chain that develops the creation of smart contracts & introduces a new staking method for Binance’s BNB token. This Blockchain is executed in a similar manner to the existing Binance chain method without altering the current Binance ecosystem..
BEP-20 token is a token standard in the Binance smart chain that has similar functionality to the ERC-20 token standard in the decentralized finance (DeFi). BEP20 tokens facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrencies in accordance with the BNB coins. You will be provided with the option of creating a native BEP-20 token or a token in another blockchain that can be pegged with the Binance smart chain as a “Peggy coin”. They act as an extension to the functionalities of the ERC20 token where you can do cross-chain transfer, and establish a solid financial contract on the Binance smart chain.
We helps you to kickstart your token from an extended ERC20 token with the BEP20 token development services that run on the Binance Smart Chain. Our BSC is noted for its speed, flexibility and decentralization that makes it an effective platform to create your BEP20 token for your business. Reach us to get instant and effective BEP20 like token development solutions for your token business

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    Our Topnotch BEP20 Token Development Services

    BEP20 Token Creation

    We a leading token development company will assist you in creating both fungible & non fungible BEP20 tokens with similar and extensive features to the Ethereum ERC20 token standard within the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

    Mintable Smart Contract BEP20 Token Development

    We create a mintable BEP20 tokens with non-fixed token supply by allowing the token owner to “mint” more BEP20 tokens during the need whenever they want.

    Token Migration

    Token owners could be able to migrate the BEP20 tokens from beta net to the mainnet of any blockchain such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS etc

    ICO-Based BEP20 Tokens

    We would assist you in creating a business specific ICO-based BEP20 tokens to make your crowdfunding more effective & fruitful. We provide a robust and scalable ICO Script that helps to launch your crowd sale platform instantly.

    BEP20 Token Listing

    Our team of experts helps you to list the developed BEP20 tokens on various top cryptocurrency exchanges to make it more popular and to grab investors around the world.

    Bep20 Token Wallet Development

    We develop & offer customized token wallets individually to store and manage Binance Chain tokens which are created under any BEP20 standards. This service facilitates the transaction of BNB coins for your investors and traders to invest in the BEP20 token during crowdfunding & listing.

    Manifold Benefits of our Binance Smart Chain BEP20 Token Development

    Manifold Benefits of our Binance Smart Chain BEP20 Token Development

    Superfine Features of our BEP20 Token Development

    Customizable (Decimal) BEP20 tokens

    We offer you complete customization rights that you can add or remove any features as per your need.

    Role-Based Access

    Token usage, control and limitations can be modified based on the control allocated for the admin & user.

    Token Burn

    You can decrease the supply of token as per the business needs based on the demand.

    Token Migration

    You can migrate your BEP20 tokens from binance smart chain to any other blockchain including Ethereum, EOS, TRON etc

    Complete Ownership Rights

    Being the owner of the tokens, you will have governance over the minting and burning rights to your tokens. It is your call to make.

    Multi Crypto Assistance

    Our token wallet offers support to more than 65 cryptocurrencies that your users will feel comfortable to trade.


    We imbibe various security features that protects your token business from any kind of cyber interruption.


    The tokens that we develop are completely compliant with the standard BEP-20 token and adaptable with all BEP20 Wallets. Our tokens will have names that can be customized, symbols, and the designated amount of decimals.

    Verified Source Code

    As the owner of the token, you will have the verified BSC verified source code from us.